Tom Cavanaugh Talks Playing Harrison Wells and The Reverse Flash!

Since the premiere of the CW’s hit show The Flash the character Harrison Wells has been a mystery to the audience. Clearly having something up his sleeve and hiding his true identity from his colleagues at STAR labs, Harrison Wells has always been a giant question mark of a character. Whether he was a hero or villain was always the biggest question.

We have seen him kill to protect Barry Allen, we have seen him help and coach Barry on many occasions, we have even seen Wells sacrifice Barry’s childhood bully turned nemesis to protect his team at STAR labs. All of this does add up to having an interest in keeping Barry alive but it does not necessarily mean that he is a good guy.

Since the very first episode we have known that Harrison Wells has been lying about his identity. At the end of the first episode we see him stand from his wheelchair and observe a newspaper headline from the future. Clearly the STAR labs accident that gave Barry his powers did not injure Wells and place him in a wheelchair.

As the series went on the mystery became even more complicated, adding more and more questions to our list. We have had our own speculations as to who Harrison Wells is Click here to view this story. The mid-season finale clearly answered the question of whether or not Harrison Wells had any relation to The Flash and The Reverse Flash but it was still unclear if he was the villain or hero.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources at the Television Critics Association Tom Cavanaugh, the actor behind the mysterious doctor, admitted to being the man in the yellow suit. Stating that it was the reason he had signed on for the role and that he is happy to be able to talk about both characters finally.

Cavanaugh also stated that The Reverse Flash also can’t be painted as all bad. He is necessary Barry’s growth as a character and a hero, while he is making Barry a better Flash he is also making himself a better Reverse Flash. As he unlocks Barry’s potential, he furthers his own and sometimes things get in the way and get messy but at the end of the day he is creating a hero out of Barry.

Now the thing that always deterred us away from the thought of having Wells as The Reverse Flash is the fact that there has never been an iteration of the character with that name. There was also a lot of speculation of Eddie Thawne being this iteration of the antagonist, especially after the villain beat Harrison Wells to near death and spared Joe and Eddie in the mid-season finale. The next question in need of an answer is, who was in the suit when Wells was attacked?

We will just have to wait and see! Let us know your theories!

2 thoughts on “Tom Cavanaugh Talks Playing Harrison Wells and The Reverse Flash!

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