Bulls eye, Hit, or Miss: New Releases for the Week of September 28th

Spy: Bulls Eye

  • A CIA analyst who has only seen the inside of an office becomes an unlikely agent when she has to go undercover to take down a deadly arms dealer.
  • If you enjoyed Bridesmaids or the Heat you will absolutely enjoy this
  • The star of this movie is Jason Statham. Never have we heard him talk so much in a movie and never have we seen him be so funny.
  • The action scenes were actually really well done. In a comedy you obviously don’t expect to see high action scenes in a comedy but Spy delivers. Basically it’s a funny James Bond with an unlikely lead.
  • We basically loved every supporting character in this movie. Jude Law’s “James Bond”, Jason Statham’s “Jason Statham”, Rose Byrne’s “Evil Villain” and so on.
  • It is much better than Melissa McCarthy’s previous comedies (see Identity Thief and Tammy).
  • Why Bulls Eye? It is a happy medium between action flick and comedy, you will be howling with laughter in at least a handful of scenes.

Results: Miss

  • Two personal trainers’ lives are drastically altered when a wealthy new client signs up at the gym and a new job opportunity arises.
  • This movie had the potential of being witty and hilarious but unfortunately it fell flat. Something about the way it was put together did not do the film justice.
  • We feel the character of Danny (Kevin Corrigan) was the downfall. His plot was basically over and done within 30 minutes and was just kept around to provide a problem amongst Kat and Trevor.
  • The plot stumbles around for most of the movie. Unfortunately nothing is quite developed as thoroughly as we would hope leaving the resolution of the movie to be over and done with quickly.
  • Why Hit? Although Cobie Smulders and Guy Pearce are great, nothing can save them from a poorly put together script.

Poltergeist: Miss

  • A modern day remake of the classic 1982 movie of the same title. A family is haunted by evil forces in their home that have taken their youngest daughter to their dimension.
  • Horrible, horrible, horrible, even the original is better than this.
  • Usually we are a fan of everything Sam Rockwell is in but this is an exception.
  • We feel that if we had watched it in 3D we would have potentially enjoyed it a little more. However we did not and therefore did not enjoy it.
  • The one thing we did appreciate however was that it is a horror movie that does not rely on the typical troves of a horror movie. You will not see unnecessary nudity and swearing so that was a bonus.
  • We do not understand how people are giving it such high reviews on IMDb…..they must have been paid off.
  • Why Miss? A cheap remake that is more laughable than scary

Entourage the Movie: Hit

  • Vince and the gang are back! Vince has decided to come back with a bang and direct and star in a new movie much to the dismay of his agent.
  • To be fair we actually have not watched any of the TV series so we are simply reviewing this movie based on the very simply knowledge we have of the show.
  • We feel as though if you are a fan, or were a fan, of the show you will definitely enjoy this. For those expecting big character development or a completely unique plot this is not the movie for you.
  • We loved all the various cameos and they made sense because this is a movie about a Hollywood actor trying to catch his biggest break in Hollywood.
  • Although the plot is focused around Vince directing his movie we actually never see him direct the movie which is….odd?
  • Why Hit? It’s a fun movie about making it big in Hollywood with your friends. The ultimate dream am I right?

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Hit

  • Check out our review for this one when it comes out on Friday!

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