Bulls eye, Hit, or Miss: New Releases for the Week of January 4th


Sicario: Bulls Eye

  • A rookie FBI agent is enlisted in a special government task force that is looking to fight the war on drugs between the US and Mexico.
  • Pros: The look and feel of this film. From the beautiful cinematography to the extremely tense score, you are left on edge throughout the entire movie.
  • The acting. Everyone is superb in this movie (Even Benencio Del Toro).
  • The story is very intriguing, especially the way it is presented. You as the viewer are basically Emily Blunt’s character. You are giving no real background on what’s happening and you are left in the dark until the end.
  • Cons: The misogynistic nature of the film. Although it is not blatant and extreme as in other movies, it is still there.
  • Why Bulls Eye? It is an absolutely stunning film that keeps you on edge the entire time.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse: Hit

  • On the night of their last camp out, three scouts must work together to save their town from a zombie outbreak.
  • Pros: It’s got a cult film feel. Like many zombie movies before them (we are talking Shun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Zombieland) Scouts gives a new perspective on the zombie movies.
  • The first scene is golden.
  • It’s got the crude humor you’d expect in a movie like this and some good old fashioned friendship.
  • Cons: The unnecessary gratuitous nudity
  • Why Hit? It’s a fun new take on the somewhat overdone zombie apocalypse movie genre.

The Visit: Hit

  • While visiting their grandparents, two siblings become more and more frightened by the behavior of their relatives.
  • Pros: This may be the beginning of M. Night Shyamalan’s good thrillers!
  • Although most scenes in this movie are done as “found footage”, there are many scenes that are done in a documentary style so that you do not lose focus of what’s happening.
  • The movie itself pretty damn creepy and the twist at the end (although predictable) was still well done.
  • Cons: Although the documentary film style helps the viewer pay attention to what is happening, the found footage filming really needs to stop.
  • Why Hit? This movie is legitimately creepy!

Captive: Hit

  • Not to be confused with the most recent Ryan Reynolds release The Captive, Captive follows a troubled woman is taken hostage in her home by a man who has escaped prison and killed the judge who was in charge of his case.
  • Pros: The story itself is based on true events.
  • The movie’s strength lies within the two characters of Ashley (Kate Mara) and Brian (David Oyelowo). You begin to develop a strong liking toward each character.
  • Cons: Not much happens throughout the “hostage taking”. It instead feels like a relationship gone wrong and the two characters are trying to work it out.
  • Why Hit? A true story that makes you feel for both the characters.

The Walk: Hit

  • Philippe Petit has always lived an entertaining and exuberant life. His love for hire-wire acts leads him to string a wire between the Twin Towers in New York City and walk it.
  • Pros: The story itself is highly inspirational. Petit is such a character in himself that you trust and fully support everything he speaks of.
  • The visuals are stunning and the work done by Gordon-Levitt in regards to the wire-walking show.
  • Cons: The scenes in which Petit is narrating to the viewer are a little ridiculous and seem out of place with the rest of the movie.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s French accent.
  • Why Hit? It is a very inspirational story for sure but our only problem was the hokey-ness of some of the scenes.

Heist: Miss

  • A father must find a way to pay for his daughter’s surgery and the only way he can do that is to steal from his boss, the owner of the casino he works at.
  • Pros: The movie get’s right into the story and doesn’t divulge too long on a back story that isn’t necessary.
  • It reminds us a lot of Speed, but obviously nowhere near as good.
  • Cons: We feel like Robert DeNiro did this movie just to get paid?
  • A lot of the dialogue is extremely cheesy that you can’t help but cringe.
  • UFC fighters need to stop being in movies (We’re looking at you Gina Carano).
  • Why Miss? Typical heist movie filled with action, twists, and sub-par acting.

Jenny’s Wedding: Miss

  • Jenny has been the family favourite ever since she was a child. With everyone around her getting married her parents begin to question what has taken Jenny so long to find someone. The kicker is that Jenny has been with someone for a very long time, it is just not who her parents ever would have expected.
  • Pros: We like the premise of the movie (because there are not even “happy” lesbian movies out there).
  • The development of the family and their acceptance of the news given to them is very heartwarming (and at times frustrating).
  • Cons: Why does it feel like Katherine Heigl is eternally angry at everyone in this movie? We felt like almost every scene she was in she was getting mad at someone.
  • We basically never see Jenny’s fiance in this movie which is unfortunate given that we would have loved to see her more involved in the story.

The Green Inferno: Miss

  • A group of students travel to the Amazon to save a rain forest but unfortunately their plane crashes and they are taken by a cannibalistic tribe and subsequently tortured.
  • Pros: There are none?
  • Cons: This movie.
  • Why Miss? We didn’t even want to finish watching it.

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