Bulls eye, Hit, or Miss: New Releases for the Week of January 11th

The Martian: Bulls Eye

  • “Comedy” of the year follows botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) after he is stranded on Mars after a fierce storm that allowed his crew to escape. Having no desire to die, Watney uses his intuition to survive as long as possible in hopes of a rescue.
  • Pros: Although the movie has deemed as a comedy, it is not. There are many comedic scenes which we were surprised about. This is definitely far more optimistic than we thought it would be.
  • The movie is not set entirely on Mars with Mark Watney. You get a good mix of Earth life and what Watney is dealing with on Mars.
  • Cons: A lot of the time it didn’t feel like Watney was alone as he is supposed to be. It is nowhere near as isolating as Gravity.
  • Why Bulls Eye? A fantastic drama filled with beautiful visuals and more optimism than you’d think.

Hell and Back: Miss

  • Two friends travel to hell in order to save their friend who they inadvertently sent there.
  • Pros: The stop-motion animation is on point.
  • The jokes remind us a lot of Family Guy but obviously more vulgar. So if you’re into that, this is the movie for you.
  • Cons: We actually didn’t bother finishing the movie because it was so drawn out.
  • The raunchy humour loses its enjoyment as the movie goes on.
  • It would have worked better as a TV show rather than a movie.
  • Why Miss? Poorly made comedy that underutilized it’s voice actors.

Racing Hearts: Miss

  • A wealthy businessman must make a decision to make the deal of a lifetime or be with the love of his life.
  • Pros: Being set in Belgium, the movie itself is quite beautiful.
  • Cons: What is the plot of this movie really? ABOUT A BIRD? IT’S ABOUT A GODDAMN BIRD.
  • This movie is not focused on romance but instead on the dealings of bird racing.
  • Jaime Dornan is just very flat in this role.
  • Why Miss? A boring romance that’s sub-plot is less than intriguing.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension: Miss

  • The final chapter in the Paranormal Activity series, a family find a video camera that can see spirits and use it in order to help fight against the spirit following their daughter.
  • Pros: ITS FINALLY DONE (at least we hope so)
  • Cons: There is an alternate ending on the blu-ray that completely comes out of nowhere and leaves no explanation. Although we are glad they did not use that ending, it may be an indication of a revamp coming up.
  • The 3D looks like it was done in the early 2000’s when you had to wear those red and blue glasses.
  • Nothing really comes together with it being the last in the series.
  • Why Miss? It was a series that went on 3 movies too long.

Sinister 2: Hit

  • A mother and her sons move into a house that is marked for death.
  • Pros: As far as sequels go this one is pretty decent. It benefits from the typical jump scares and not relying too heavily on referencing the first movie.
  • Cons: You see way too much of the ghost children. The first movie benefited from us only seeing the kids near the end of the movie, in this one however, they are consistently around.
  • The actual living children are downright annoying.
  • Why Hit? A pretty decent scary movie that obviously still can’t compare to the first one.

Life: Hit

  • A TIME magazine photography follows James Dean through the highlights of his career.
  • Pros: It was nice to see a more behind the scenes look at James Dean’s life.
  • Although both actors look nothing similar to their real-life counter parts, they give their own personal interpretation to the characters.
  • Cons: Robert Pattinson is his usual stocky self.
  • The movie failed to ignite the livelihood of James Dean and instead passed him off as a very quiet and relatively uninteresting character.
  • Why Hit? The story itself is quite intriguing but does suffer with the softer performances from the leads.

Infinitely Polar Bear: Hit

  • A father, who has been diagnoses as a manic depressive, tries to win back his wife by taking care of their two daughters.
  • Pros: Mark Ruffalo is delightful in this role. At times you want to hate him and at times you want to give him a big hug.
  • There are many scenes that are heartbreaking, mostly the scenes with his children, that really solidify the movie for us.
  • Cons: The attitude of the daughters angered us a lot. They treated their mentally-ill father like a piece of crap and only liked him when he was benefiting their lives.
  • Why Hit? Great acting from Ruffalo and a really heartbreaking yet heartwarming story.

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