Bulls Eye, Hit, or Miss: New Releases for the Week of January 18th

Straight Outta Compton: Bulls Eye

  • The true story of how the music group N.W.A was formed and the lives of those in the group.
  • Pros: A fantastic story that many people will either remember or enjoy hearing about for the first time.
  • The actors play their real life counter parts so well you’d think they went back in time and cast the musicians at a younger age (which they technically did for Ice Cube).
  • It’s a real story that depicts the harsh realities this group of men unfortunately suffered through. It will make you mad and make you realize the world is a pretty crappy place.
  • Cons: The ending was very abrupt. Although the movie is over two hours long, we thought there would be a little more development for the ending.
  • Why Bulls Eye? It is a fantastic depiction of a story that we very rarely get to see.

Everest: Bulls Eye

  • Based off of a true story from 1996, two commercial expeditions star their trek toward the summit of Mount Everest. Without warning however, a storm strikes and leaves the group of climbers battling to stay alive.
  • Pros: The story is absolutely heartbreaking and the movie did an excellent job of creating and developing each character.
  • The visuals are stunning. They obviously did not film most of the movie on Mount Everest but they did a damn good job making it look like they did.
  • Cons: When the story focuses to the decent of the climbers, the movie tends to stagger its character P.O.V too often.
  • Why Bulls Eye? It is an extremely well done “biopic” that delivers the visuals you’d expect in a movie about Mt Everest.

The Intern: Bulls Eye

  • Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) is a widower who is looking to fill his retired life with something a little more fulfilling. He answers an ad for an intern at a new online fashion company and learns some new things along the way.
  • Pros: It is one of those movies that is a feel good movie without unnecessary romantic sub-plots
  • Robert DeNiro is so charming in this role we wanted to hire him to work for us.
  • We didn’t expect to laugh so much during some scenes and were pleasantly surprised by it.
  • Cons: None that we can think of.
  • Why Bulls Eye? It’s a heartwarming movie with great chemistry between the actors and more funny moments than you’d expect.

Jem and the Holograms: Miss

  • A small town girl uploads a video of herself singing which leads to her overnight stardom.
  • Pros: The music was catchy and well don’t
  • Why Miss? Watch the old cartoon if you want to actually enjoy Jem and the Holograms. There’s a reason this only lasted 2 weeks in theatres.

Stonewall: Hit

  • Danny (Jeremy Irvine) has recently been kicked out of his house for being exposed as a homosexual man. He moves to New York to try and fend for himself and finds solace in a group of LGBT youth. His coming of age story also happens to occur around the time of the famous Stonewall Riots.
  • Pros: The story itself is very entertaining and interesting. Although it follows a character that was not at the forefront of the riots, it still gives an very simply telling of the story.
  • Jonny Beauchamp, who plays Ray, is absolutely perfect in his role.
  • Cons: The most unfortunate thing about this movie is its title. Although the Stonewall riots were shown in this film, it does not accurately portray who was involved or what exactly happened to lead up to the events. Many reviews will say that they hate this movie because of the story the movie decided to show (the white male) which is completely fair. If they movie had decided to chose an alternate title it may have been received a bit better. It should also be known that this “Danny” character was not at the forefront of any of the historical events.
  • The set also looked very low budget. It seemed that wherever the scene was set, the makers of the film tweaked the one set they had and used it.
  • Why Hit? The story itself is not historically accurate and does not do justice to the importance of the Stonewall Riots, but as a movie it is still highly entertaining.

Irrational Man: Miss

  • A cynical philosophy professor finds a meaning to his life when he attempts to murder a judge in a domestic abuse case for an absolute stranger.
  • Pros: The premise itself is quite hilarious because why would he think he could get away with a murder just because he has no affiliation with the court case?
  • Cons: Oy Vey another Woody Allan movie? I think you know where we stand on him.
  • Why Miss? Like most recent Woody Allan movies, the idea is there but the movie is not.

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