Bulls Eye, Hit, Or Miss: New Releases for the Week of February 1st

Suffragette: Hit

  • The beginning of the early feminist movement focusing on Maude and her involvement in the suffragette movement.
  • Pros: The development of the main character Maude (Carey Mulligan) was interesting to watch, seeing her move from general labourer to a somewhat leader of the feminist movement.
  • It is a movie about the beginning of the feminist movement, so that is always a pleasure to watch.
  • The movie is not as powerful as we had hoped it would be. For a movie focusing on this type of story, it is unfortunate that we didn’t get that passion on the screen.
  • Why Hit? Although the story itself is very intriguing, the lack of passion in the movie as a whole is disheartening.

Our Brand is Crisis: Hit

  • An American political consultant is sent to Bolivia to help reinvent a controversial political candidate while competing with a long time rival.
  • Pros: It’s much funnier than you’d expect for a political drama.
  • Bullock’s character is super feisty and very sarcastic and she absolutely carries the movie.
  • Its a political drama that is not set in the States and therefore we are given a new perspective on an otherwise already done story.
  • Cons: Despite Bullock and Thorton pulling their weight acting wise, no one else really stands out.
  • Not enough scenes with Bullock and Thorton. The ones where they are in together are great and the movie could have used more of that.
  • Why Hit? Its a good political drama that definitely shines because of its two main lead actors.

Bridge of Spies: Hit

  • Based on a true story, an American lawyer is set to represent a Soviet spy during the Cold War. He is then recruited to facilitate an exchange of the Soviet spy for and American Pilot.
  • Pros: Its a Speilberg movie so you know that it is a solid movie all around.
  • It feels like nothing is happening in the movie but so much is happening. Technically there are two parts to the story, the first being the Soviet spy being put on trailer and then the second being the exchange of “prisoners”. Spielberg does an excellent job of keeping the viewers attention throughout the entire story.
  • Tom Hanks can be in any movie and we would most likely enjoy it.
  • Cons: The film is obviously very much focused on the “American” viewpoint of what happened.
  • There is a lot of talking in this movie and some scenes go on longer than you’d like.
  • Why Hit? A great political drama and another good war film from Speilberg.

The Last Witch Hunter: Hit

  • Kaulder (Vin Diesel) is the last of his kind, a witch hunter, and when he discovers that the Witch Queen he thought he had killed many centuries ago has come back, he will do what he must to stop her.
  • Pros: Like Dracula Untold, this movie is just a good all around action flick.
  • This movie is so full of visuals we were highly entertained.
  • Cons: The plot is very basic as you would expect in an action movie such as this.
  • Why Hit? It’s an action movie that is exactly what you’d expect and it’s pretty good.

Truth: Hit

  • A true story of the 2004 CBS 60 minutes report that was investigating George W. Bush’s military service, or lack thereof and the after effects of that story.
  • Pros: Cate Blanchett.
  • It’s a very true (no pun intended) telling of a very intriguing story. You as the viewer believe everything the characters are bringing forth even though it all comes crumbling down at the end.
  • Robert Redford plays Dan Rather very well. He has been putting out some great movies these past few months.
  • Cons: In a movie with hard hitters like Blanchett and Redford, the supporting cast is either stellar or lackluster, unfortunately for this movie it is the latter.
  • Why Hit? This movie tells a great story on a very controversial topic.

Rock the Kasbah: Miss

  • An American music manager has been unsuccessful in making his clients stars. Fortunately for him however, while on a tour with his latest muse in Afghanistan, he finds the voice he has been looking for.
  • Pros: Bill Murray’s charm and wit come out perfectly for this role. Despite what the critics and reviewers may say, he makes this movie quite enjoyable.
  • There are a couple of cameos that we quite enjoyed and the surprise couple of scenes with Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson were fun to watch.
  • Cons: There is something about the movie that did not gel well together as it was all over the place. The main plot point, of Bill Murrays character finding the girl, only happens half way into the movie.
  • Why Miss? Unfortunately, Bill Murray’s charm can’t help every movie that he is in.

The Veil: Miss

  • 25 years after a cult committed mass suicide, the lone survivor returns to film a documentary on her time in the cult.
  • Pros: The introduction of the story was very intriguing and had a good set up to a potentially good horror flick.
  • Cons: What was with the colour scheme of this movie? It also looks like it was filmed on a very very old camera.
  • The movie started off on the right foot but failed miserably about 30 min in.
  • Thomas Jane over acts so much we were laughing at most if not all of his scenes.
  • Why Miss? Started off strong and went downhill really fast.

Chi-Raq: Hit

  • A modern day adaptation of the play Lysistrata by Aristophanes set in modern day Chicago amongst a time of high gang violence.
  • Pros: The dialogue is on point and the retelling of the story is well put together.
  • It is like a theatre play being brought to life in a movie. The adaptation of such is very well done.
  • Although you may think that because it is based off of a play that it would not be relevant to issues of today you would be wrong. The movie challenges the notions of gang/gun violence and how it has begun to shape the way we interact with the world.
  • Cons: Some of the scenes were quite ridiculous (one in particular near the end) and that slightly threw us off of the movie.
  • The dialogue may be “different” for some to handle.
  • Why Hit? A modern adaptation that brings light towards modern social issues.

A Brilliant Young Mind: Hit

  • A socially awkward teenager who has excelled at math all of his life has been offered a spot on the British squad of the International Mathematics Olympiad.
  • Pros: Every performance is great. Asa Butterfield as Nathan, Rafe Spall as his troubled teacher, and Sally Hawkin as Nathan’s mother. Each brings something great to the story.
  • Although it is assumed that Nathan’s character suffers from some form of autism, they do not use stereotypical tropes to create his character and develop his story quite well.
  • The other young actors in the movie are excellent companions to the story.
  • Cons: Most of the movie was setting up Nathan’s life. Once it came to the Math Olympiad however, the story seemed to lose the heart it started out with.
  • Why Hit? Fantastic performances all around and a movie that reminds us a little of A Brilliant Mind.

Eden: Hit

  • As a young teenager, Paul, divulges into the DJ scene in the early 90’s with a close group of friends. Spanning over many years, Paul experiences the ups and downs of being a DJ.
  • Pros: It is a more realistic representation of what it’s like to be in the music industry. Not everything is as easy as it seems.
  • The soundtrack is very good and spans over 20 years of dance/house/garage music.
  • Cons: The length of the movie. There are times where scenes are prolonged and events are rehashed.
  • Why Hit? It’s a darker look into starting out and being in the music scene.

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