Bulls Eye, Hit, Or Miss: New Releases for the Week of February 8th

Crimson Peak: Hit

  • An aspiring author is torn between her childhood friend and mysterious outsider after the death of her father. As she chooses live with the mysterious outsider, she begins to have dark experiences in the home that has a darker history than expected.
  • Pros: THIS MOVIE IS STUNNING. The sets are absolutely beautiful and we could watch for that alone.
  • It is not a horror but instead a gothic horror. There are creepy elements but there are also tender romantic moments (in a gothic horror you say? Why yes!).
  • Cons: The movie begins on a high note and develops the characters well, however, when it is time to wrap the story up in the end it begins to fall apart.
  • Why Hit? If you are a fan of Guillermo Del Toro then you will love this film, if not, you may only appreciate it for its beauty.

Spectre: Bulls Eye

  • Bond is on a search to discover the mystery group named SPECTRE which leads him on a trail through his past to uncover who and what the organization is.
  • Pros: The action is on point even right at the get go. The opening scene is absolutely stunning and maybe one of our top opening Bond sequences.
  • The Bond girl (Lea Seydoux) is much more functional and serves a higher purpose than the usual Bond girl.
  • It’s a typical Bond movie in that you will get everything you’d expect and not much more.
  • Cons: The movie severely underused some of its secondary characters (aka Christoph Waltz and Monica Bellucci)
  • It is nowhere near the spectacle that was Skyfall or even Casino Royale and it was just missing….something.
  • Why Bulls Eye? It’s a Bond movie, you gotta watch em all.

Grandma: Bulls Eye

  • A teenager dealing with an unplanned pregnancy goes to her grandma for help and they go on a quest to come up with enough money to get an abortion.
  • Pros: The movie is so pleasantly enjoyable we were entertained throughout the entire thing.
  • Lily Tomlin is vulgar, hilarious, vulnerable, rough and just an absolute delight to watch in this movie.
  • The same can also be said for Julia Garner who keeps up with the performance of Tomlin.
  • Cons: Can someone give Judy Greer a movie where she isn’t a minimally used secondary character? That woman is underused.
  • Why Bulls Eye? For a movie titled Grandma, you wouldn’t expect such a wonderful, heartfelt drama to come from it.

Love the Coopers: Miss

  • This movie follows the clan of Coopers (6 to be exact) and how each of them end up coming together for their annual family Christmas.
  • Pros: If all you want is a lighthearted holiday themed movie then this is what you want.
  • Cons: The narrative was all over the place. Many times it was difficult to follow what was happening on screen.
  • A user on IMDb called this movie “the fruitcake of holiday movies” and that is a completely accurate representation of this movie.
  • Why Miss? It’s exactly what you would expect and less.

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