Bulls Eye, Hit, or Miss: New Releases for the Week of February 15th

Remember: Bulls Eye

  • An elder man, with the help of a fellow Auschwitz survivor, goes on a hunt to find the Germans responsible for the death of his family.
  • Pros: The twist actually surprised us and we were enthralled throughout.
  • Christopher Plummer is amazing, as always.
  • Cons: None that we felt.
  • Why Bulls Eye? One of those movies that would go otherwise unnoticed but provides excellent storytelling and a very convincing twist.

Black Mass: Hit

  • Pros: Johnny Depp is absolutely menacing as Whitey Bulger
  • The acting is top notch, something you would expect with such well known stars in the movie, and the look of the movie very much feels like you are in the 70’s
  • Cons: The basic premise of the movie is: talking, killing, talking, killing, talking, talking, more killing without any sort of real substance in between.
  • The movie lacks the drama you would expect from a true story of an infamously brutal mobster.
  • Why Hit? Watch it for the acting but don’t expect a phenomenal mob drama.

Steve Jobs: Bulls Eye

  • Steve Jobs takes you behind the scenes of 3 of the most important times in the digital revolution at the hands of it’s creator, Steve Jobs.
  • Pros: The script is so incredibly fast paced and well written that kudos go out to Aaron Sorkin for it.
  • The movie reminds us of a play and not a typical biographical movie as you would expect.
  • This movie focuses on three important moments in Steve Jobs’ life, rather than rehashing a biographical movie.
  • Cons: There is no context given about Steve Jobs’s life. For those who are unaware of his history may not appreciate the movie as a whole.
  • Why Bulls Eye? A completely on point script and extremely well acted.

Shelter: Bulls Eye

  • Shelter follows two homeless individuals, Hannah (Jennifer Connelly) and Tahir (Anthony Mackie), through their journey through the streets of New York City and what they must do to survive.
  • Pros: It is the directorial debut of Paul Bettany and it is absolutely stunning. He is able to provide a realistic (at least from our point of view) of most aspects of being homeless.
  • It is at its core, a romance, just under a more intense situation.
  • Cons: Sometimes the movie lacks direction on where it is going.
  • Why Bulls Eye? The acting from the leads and the unconventional telling of a love story.

Freeheld: Hit

  • Based on a true story, Freeheld follows Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore) who is trying to fight for her partner’s rights to secure her pension after she is diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Pro: Julianne Moore, once again, kills it. She really brought us through the journey that her character went through.
  • If you do not shed one or more tears throughout this movie then you are heartless monster.
  • It is a story that many may not have heard about and is still very much relevant today.
  • Cons: It sadly feels like it was cheaply made. Although the stars are there, there is something about the look and feel of the film that doesn’t sit quite right with us.
  • Why Hit? Although the acting is fantastic, there is something about the movie that is missing that special something.

99 Homes: Bulls Eye

  • A recently unemployed single father must work for the man who took his family home from him.
  • Pros: This is one emotional movie. You see the main character do a complete 180 from the beginning to the end of the movie and the journey there is nothing less than difficult.
  • The best scenes, in our opinion, are the ones where people are being kicked out of their foreclosed homes. We see the real emotional pieces of the movie in these scenes.
  • Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon are just too good in this movie.
  • Cons: None that we can think of.
  • Why Bulls Eye? An emotional roller coaster of a movie with some great acting from the leads.

Trumbo: Hit

  • Based on true events, Hollywood’s top screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and his fellow colleagues are jailed and blacklisted for their political beliefs in 1947.
  • Pros: It’s Bryan Cranston. There is nothing else to discuss.
  • This is a history of Hollywood that we were completely unaware of and seeing it shown
  • It was great to see how Trumbo being blacklisted form Hollywood did to his self. Although he remained a prominent figure in my movies, only at the end of his career did he get the recognition he deserved.
  • Cons: The only one we could think of would be the fact that we were unaware of what was happening at Hollywood at this time and it made it a bit difficult to follow what was happening in the movie.
  • Why Hit? Cranston’s acting and a very interesting history lesson in Hollywood.

Bleeding Heart: Miss

  • May (Jessica Biel), a yoga instructor, discovers that she has a long lost sister, the only problem is that she is a sex-worker and May must help her escape from her abusive boyfriend.
  • Pros: Jessica Biel is the only redeeming thing in this movie
  • Cons: Lazy writing and a lackluster story leave the viewers regretting watching this movie in the first place.
  • Why Miss? The only good parts are the first 5 minutes and the last 2.

MI-5: Miss

  • No this is not a sequel to the Mission Impossible movies. When a terrorist escapes during a routine transfer, MI-5 must enlist the help of agent Will Holloway (Kit Harrington) to catch him before another terrorist attack occurs.
  • Pros: The action is good and the story is somewhat good for a “spy” movie.
  • Cons: This movie is not the action movie that you will be hoping to see. There is a lot of dialogue and a lot of discussion in order to advance the plot.
  • Why Miss? It’s a typical action spy movie that lacks a real good story.

The 33: Hit

  • The true story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in a mine for over 69 days.
  • Pros: This is another one of those true stories that you will either remember being all over news reports or not. We definitely remember the story but completely missed many key elements to the story.
  • It is obviously both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story together. The fact that the miners were able to survive and create a brotherhood through a very difficult time in their lives is quite inspiring.
  • Cons: Like most true story movies, there are parts where the movie will be very slow but fear not!
  • Why Hit? The story is inspiring and the actors all do a fantastic job.

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