Bulls Eye, Hit, or Miss: New Releases for the Week of February 22nd

Spotlight: Bulls Eye

  • A true story of the Boston Globe newspaper that researched priests in the Boston area who had been molesting young children.
  • Pros: Solid acting all around
  • A story that is rarely spoken about but needs to be.
  • The script is absolutely divine. It plays out like if you were actually in those scenes with the actors.
  • Cons: None. Watch this movie.
  • Why Bulls Eye? Phenomenal acting all around and story that will make you cringe.

Secrets in Their Eyes: Hit

  • A group of investigators are torn apart after they discover that the child of one of their coworkers ends up dead.
  • Pros: From the beginning it is a very tense movie. Although it has its slow points throughout, the development of the story is very intriguing.
  • Julia Roberts and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s performances are the best in this movie. We can hardly stand to look at Nicole Kidman’s unfortunate stone cold expression.
  • We quite enjoyed the twist at the end.
  • Cons: The constant moving between the past and the present can be somewhat confusing. The only way we were able to keep track was by the colour of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s hair.
  • Why Hit? It’s a tad long and you may get a little lost in the past and present narrative.

Criminal Activities: Miss

  • Four friends pool money together for an investment that goes awry when the mob becomes involved.
  • Pros: We enjoyed the twist at least?
  • Cons: There is a lot of talking and not a lot of anything else happening.
  • A lot of the scenes felt over acted, especially those with Michael Pitt.
  • Why Miss? It’s marketed as a mob movie and it is nowhere near that.

Good Dinosaur: Bulls Eye

  • Arlo, an Apatosaurus, is separated from his family and must work with an unlikely human ally to return home.
  • Pros: It’s Disney! Of course it’s good and of course it will make you cry!
  • The details in the landscapes are the best we have seen for an animated movie. Many times we thought they just imported actual landscapes into the movie.
  • Cons: It’s basically a rehash of the Lion King.
  • Maybe not the best for kids.
  • Why Bulls Eye? Its Disney/Pixar. Your guaranteed a good movie.

Man Up: Hit

  • Nancy (Lake Bell) has had the worst luck with guys but it isn’t until a chance encounter where she meets the perfect guy that she must take the place of his blind date.
  • Pros: It is a lovely cute romantic movie.
  • The hilarious chemistry between Simon Pegg and Lake Bell make this movie work very well.
  • Cons: It’s full of the typical clichés that all rom-coms have
  • Why Hit? It is a genuinely cute rom-com.

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