Bulls Eye, Hit, or Miss: New Releases for the Week of March 14th

Carol: Bulls Eye

  • An aspiring young photographer falls in love with an older woman.
  • Pros: THE MUSIC. The music makes us feel more emotions than we care to admit.
  • The entire look of the film. If you were not told when this movie was made you would assume it was in the 50’s
  • Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are so well matched in this movie that without them this movie would not have gotten the recognition it has.
  • Cons: There are none.
  • Why Bulls Eye? It is a beautiful film and an even more beautiful story.

Brooklyn: Bulls Eye

  • An Irish immigrant moves to Brooklyn in the 1950’s. There she discovers a new life for herself and the love of her life.
  • Pros: It is an absolutely charming movie.
  • Saoirse Ronan is a delight to watch, as she always is.
  • Cons: We felt that sometimes the movie lacked substance? The story is very simple and flows easily however we felt it hard to keep ourselves interested at points.
  • Why Bulls eye? Its a cute romantic movie with the powerful lead of Saoirse Ronan.

The Big Short: Hit

  • Based on true events that conspired during the fall of the housing and credit market in the early 2000`s and focused on the people who knew it was coming.
  • Pros: Some of the singular characters (those played by Bale and Carrell) were highly entertaining.
  • The story itself is very informative. There are a lot of issues from the collapse of the housing market that we are in the dark about. Although this movie gives us a slight look at what was happening, it was still interesting to see.
  • Cons: We felt that this movie was consistently all over the place. The stories were all intertwining but lacked stability.
  • Why Hit? A fast paced, well written movie about how evil banks are.

Sisters: Hit

  • Two sisters find out that their family home is being sold they hold one last party before it is gone.
  • Pros: The obvious chemistry between Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.
  • The cameos are on point. We don’t want to spoil them but you’ll know them when you see them.
  • Cons: It is unfortunately nowhere near as good as Baby Mama.
  • There weren’t enough scenes outside of the party. About 80% of the movie is simply just the party.
  • Why Hit? Despite it not being on the level that Baby Mama was it is still quite comical.

10,000 KM: Hit

  • A long distance relationship of a woman who moves to LA for a new job and her boyfriend who stays in Barcelona.
  • Pros: Completely accurate to the trails and tribulations of being in a long distance relationship.
  • Granted most of their scenes are apart, Natalia Tena and David Verdauger do an excellent job of maintaining the relationship and the viewers stay invested.
  • A realistic ending.
  • Cons: We do not see many interactions outside of when they are talking to one another.
  • Why Hit? A movie that hits the highs and lows of a long distance relationship with some great acting.

The Benefactor: Miss

  • A philanthropist is recovering from a traumatic event and tries to make amends for his actions by bonding with a newlywed couple.
  • Pros: Richard Gere is pretty solid in the movie.
  • The story had potential and kept us interested but still lacked overall.
  • Cons: This movie got boring really fast.
  • Why Miss? Although Richard Gere is good, the story is definitely not.

Macbeth: Hit

  • You all know the story of Macbeth
  • Pros: This movie is visually stunning. It has a look that no other Shakespearian movie does.
  • The performances were so good that we actually were involved in watching this movie.
  • Cons: It is a Shakespeare movie
  • Why Hit? There are always aspects of Shakespeare movies that will not hit with all audiences but this one does a pretty good job of being great.

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