Review: Bulls Eye, Hit, or Miss: Movie Reviews for the Week of April 10th

The Forest: Hit

  • A woman goes into the suicide forest in Japan in order to find her twin sister.
  • Pros: The story itself is quite interesting. Although the execution is not the best, it is still cool to hear about the stories of the suicide forest.
  • It’s not terribly scary but my psychologically scary.
  • Cons: Whitewashing!!!!!
  • For a movie that is about a suicide forest, there is not nearly enough time spent in said forest.
  • Why Hit? It’s a somewhat decent scary movie that relies more on the story than it does scares.

Amorous: Miss

  • A group of friends flee to deserted part of London where they engage in their wildest fantasies.
  • Pros: Literally none
  • Cons: We couldn’t even tell you what this story was about.
  • Why Miss? There was basically no dialogue and really random sex scenes like every 7 minutes.

Mojave: Miss

  • A suicidal artist wanders the desert where he finds his homicidal doppelganger.
  • Pros: Obviously Oscar Issac is great and to some extent so is Garrett Hedlund. They unfortunately suffer from a disjointed story.
  • Cons: The movie starts on a sour note. You really don’t get a feel for what the movie is trying to say or where it’s trying to go. It starts out in the desert and moves into the city. Why? We have no idea.
  • Why Miss? There is no development of the story and the most interesting things happen in only a handful of scenes.

Tumbledown: Hit/Miss

  • A young woman is coming to terms with the untimely death of her folk singer husband. She enlists the help of a writer to help write the biography of her late husband.
  • Pros: It is an indie movie at its heart. It follows many of the same developments that are present in “discovering ones life” type of movies.
  • Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis’s chemistry keeps the movie afloat.
  • Cons: It’s nothing new in terms of story wise.
  • Although we were quite interested for the first hour of the movie, we began to lose interest from then on.
  • Why Miss? We are on the brink of hit/miss for this. There are aspects we liked but also aspects where we didn’t even know what was happening.

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