Review: Almost Adults

Beware, there may be some spoilers here. If you don’t care about spoilers keep on reading!

So we were lucky enough to attend the world premiere of the Almost Adults movie at the Inside Out film festival. It was an absolutely perfect setting for this gem of a movie.

Almost Adults, if you don’t know already, follows Mackenzie (Elise Bauman) and Cassie (Natasha Negovanlis) as two best friends whose relationship strains when one deals with her newfound sexuality and the other with breaking up with her long term boyfriend.

As a directorial debut, we are very impressed with the overall movie. It is evident that the complete team behind this utilized the money they raised through their kickstarter and put it to excellent use. The direction, music, scenery, and flow of the movie were definitely stellar.

The chemistry between Bauman and Negovanlis is fantastic once again. Although they may be playing best friends, (where we are used to them playing on/off girlfriends in the YouTube series Carmilla) they are able to sell any kind of relationship to an audience. They play off each other really well in comedic scenes, they break your heart during the brutally honest scenes, and melt your heart with the pure friendship scenes. It was also refreshing to see Negovanlis outside of her bad ass Carmilla character. Here she is more vulnerable and sheltered yet still the necessary amount of bitchy you need.

Also if you guys were hoping to see a lot of these lovely ladies you are in luck because what’s an LGBT movie without some half naked making out?? (Nothing. It would be nothing.)

The comedic timing definitely played a huge part into why we enjoyed the movie so much. As an LGBT individual, I have consistently heard or been a part of many of the funny moments present in this movie. I lost track of the amount of times I laughed out loud. Some key hilarious moments include: Mackenzie/Cassie having the honest talk with their parents, basically any Levi scene, Cassie and Mackenzie meeting Matthew in a clothing store, Cassie working at her internship, the AMOUNT OF FIBRE CEREAL CASSIE WAS EATING, Elise Bauman’s on point facial expressions, Mackenzie’s inability to use any form of social media, Mackenzie being consistently mad that her parents didn’t give her the coming out issues she was hoping for/expected, and the last scene.

Now this movie isn’t without some flaws. There was one flaw that we noticed and that an audience member addressed after the showing of the movie. Some of the language (for example using the word retarded several times) made us cringe. We feel like this will be one of the biggest issues with the movie with a lot of audience members and rightfully so. Given that this movie is expected to be very popular among the LGBT fandom, and hopefully more, it is important to understand how language like that can very much deter ones enjoyment of such a movie. Even though a question was asked about the use of abelist language in the movie during the Q&A, the creators were still able to avoid answering the question fully.

Speaking of the Q&A we recorded a tidbit of it and want to share with you. The questions in this video were: “How was it transitioning from being primarily on YouTube to being in your first major film?”, “Do you put yourself into the writing of the characters or do you have to take yourself away from it in order to make the characters?”, “What was the most hilarious part of filming?”, and “Why did you decide to tell the story of a straight female and gay female relationship?”. Check out the video here:

Overall we give this movie a BULLS EYE!!! It exceeded our expectations and we honestly cannot wait to see it again and again.



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