News: Brie Larson Tapped to Play Captain Marvel

In casting news that seemingly came out of nowhere, it seems that Oscar winning actress Brie Larson is the front runner to play one of the most anticipated Marvel characters, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Variety reports that Larson is in talks and is working towards taking on the role. Early casting talks had Emily Blunt and Katee Sackoff in the lead and who seemed to be fan favourites for the role.

Although this is just a rumor, with the ever approaching deadline of casting the lead and the fact that Marvel is to make a huge casting announcement during comic con (which is in a months time), it seems like this rumor is more likely to be true than not. It looks like Marvel has plans to introduce Carol in the next Avengers movie so her casting would come before any other news on the solo movie.

It was also announced that Marvel was looking at an indie director to be in charge of this film. Emily Carmichael is an accomplished indie director but has in no way been involved with a movie of this scale. We appreciate what Marvel is doing bringing fresh eyes into a fresh story. Hopefully all of these rumours are true!

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