Justice League Joins Forces in First Photo

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. San Diego Comic Con is what we are referring to here. Announcements, teasers, trailers, toys and more all get revealed this time of year. Today we go the teaser we’ve all been waiting for: the first picture of the entire Justice League 

We get our first official looks at The Flash and Cyborg in full costume. The Flash looks like he’s taking on more of an Injustice style of suit, given the fact that it’s more armour than latex. 

We also get a look at a revived Last Son of Krypton, Superman. Does this spoil much for the film? Probably not. When his sequel was cancelled it was speculated that it was so fans didn’t assume he was coming back after bvs. Not many people doubted that he’d be coming back though, Doomsday temporarily killing Superman is a pretty staple part of the DC universe. 

What do you think of the team? Does the Flash look more like a Power Ranger than the actual Power Ranger line up? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram! 

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